Envo Whitepaper
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Envo's unique revenue-sharing model includes a charity mission. Envo does not advertise daydreaming about becoming rich shortly. Our system is 100% decentralized, and decisions are made by community voting. Envo, with its revolutionary community-based projects, gives the utmost importance to the ecosystem. Envo ecosystem favours the business and the environment to make the community prosperous economically and lively.

Free Mining App

A Free App Which Rewards Realtime EMI Coins Every Hour That You Can Convert in Mainnet Without Draining Battery and energy.

Envo Exchange

A Crypto Trading App where You Can Buy And Sell Crypto With an easy UI Interface with peer-to-peer(P2P) transactions and easy withdrawals.

Envo Shorts

A Short Video Social Media App For The Community where you can upload short entertaining or knowledgeable videos.

Envo Ecommerce

A Shopping Platform Where You Can Shop With Digital Currency (EMI Coins).
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